Digital Media

Interbus is at the forefront of utilising innovative digital signage solutions to provide interactive, versatile, and targeted advertising services

Digital Campaigns in Metro Stations and Trains

Hundreds of thousands of passengers in Athens walk along metro stations and ride trains to get to their destination daily.

Interbus, a pioneer in the use of digital media, designs and executes advertising campaigns in the Athens metro’s corridors and platforms, as well as in train campaigns. Commercial spots displayed on 65-inch screens placed in selected areas around metro stations unquestionably attract the passengers’ attention. An innovative proposal for targeted campaigns includes the display of commercial spots on 8 digital monitors fitted on the head banners of a specially designed metro train.

Digital Signage

Advertising in Hygeia Group Network

The 3 state-of-the-art medical facilities of Hygeia Group (Hygeia, Mitera, Leto) welcome more than 900,000 patients and visitors annually.

Interbus handles the display of commercial spots –no sound– utilising the Group’s widespread digital signage network. The network is comprised of thirty-five 43-inch HD monitors, which have been placed vertically in selected high foot traffic/waiting areas and display 3,780 commercial spots, 18 hours a day.

Advertising in Golden Star Ferries

Golden Star Ferries’ passenger ships transport daily thousands of Greek and foreign passengers to the Cyclades islands.

Interbus handles the onboard advertising means and manages the digital signage network of the ships. The network is comprised of digital monitors placed on high passenger traffic and widespread viewing areas, displaying 2,080 commercial spots per advertiser, 16 hours a day.

Advertising in Autovision KTEO Network

Autovision is the largest network of private KTEOs in Greece with 50 customer service points, where approximately 800,000 technical inspections of vehicles are carried out annually.

Interbus manages the advertising part of Autovision TV’s infotainment content displaying on 36 HD screens strategically placed in the comfortable waiting areas of the modern KTEO facilities. During a waiting period of about 15 minutes until the technical inspection is completed or the vehicle’s exhaust control card is issued, each of the 550,000 KTEO visitors every year is exposed at least 3 times to every advertiser’s message.